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Technique Highlight: Texturing Sterling Silver

I have started to incorporate some sterling silver elements. One of the techniques is a simple but effective one. It is to create texture on the sterling silver piece.

You can see that I have used this technique on two of my styles a pair of earrings and a matching necklace.

blue sparkly polymer clay earrings with textured sterling silver overlay with sterling silver hook
Blue sparkly polymer clay necklace with textured sterling silver overlay with sterling silver chain

What did I use?

Chasing Hammer


Bench Block

How did I create texture?

Once I cut out the shape I wanted in this case a lovely circle. I then filed the edges to make sure they were not sharp. Then the fun (but loud) bit. I placed the circle on the bench block. (A bench block is a thick piece of metal.) Then simply used the ball end of a chasing hammer and bashed it over and over until I created enough texture. I bashed the edges with the chasing side and then filed them again to make sure no edges became rough.

And that's it! Simple right?! I love how simple it is but creates such a great effect, and I also love I can dabble with some silver techniques in a simple way too.

I will be adding more silver elements to my pieces and collections next year too so keep an eye out for those in the future.

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