Sustainability and Ethics

Here at Abby's Art Atelier, the environment and sustainability are also at the forefront of my mind and business. 

I use packing made from materials that can be reused or recycled.

The (rare) times I use bubble wrap it is also always from coming else I have revied and is being resued I never buy any.

The only thing I use that is not recyclable is the sticking tape I seal orders with and a little on the back of necklaces is now fully plant-based and biodegradable tape. However, I am in the process of sourcing eco paper tape that can be recycled for my packages.

Finally, I strive to use biodegradable glitter.

Any glitter that isn't is being used up and from now on I will only use biodegradable glitter.

Fast Fashion

As a handmade business, I make products that are made to last and aren't mass-produced and are one of a kind and don't follow any specific trend. They will always look amazing whatever the year is!

Have I missed something?

Is there some way you think I can do better or have a suggestion?

Amazing! I would love to hear as I grow and business I am constantly reviewing and improving that including listening to my customers. Email me. 

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