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Handmade Jewellery FAQs

Updated: Aug 3, 2023

This post will cover some common questions about my handmade polymer clay and resin jewellery.

Best Way to Care for Handmade Jewellery?

My jewellery is made to last, but handmade jewellery needs to be cared for properly.

  • Water and Showering- The jewellery is water resistant, so if you are caught in the rain, no worries, but I recommend taking it off before showering because they are not waterproof.

  • Bedtime- I would recommend taking off your jewellery before going to bed also.

How to clean Sterling Silver?

Alto of my jewellery had sterling silver elements. Sometimes sterling silver can discolour sometimes but simply using a silver cleaning cloth to wipe it down will bring back the shine and clean it up nicely.

Are Resin or Polymer Clay Earrings Heavy?

In short no.

My older polymer clay pieces were a little more on the heavier side.

But all the pieces now are thinner and are very light, even the bigger pieces are still light.

The resin is incredibly light. For example, the Double Circle Earrings in the All You Need is Love Collection are relatively big but are very light indeed.

Earrings for Sensitive Ears?

  • Sterling Silver- Yes sterling silver is is good for sensitive ears. All of my silver studs and hooks are currently sterling silver.

  • Gold-Filled- Yes my golf-filled hooks and studs are also good for sensitive ears. Unless you have a specific gold allergy. But if just have sensitive ears gold-filled should be fine.

  • Plated Jewellery Gold and Silver- Not really, I have a few pairs in my Winter Wonderland Collection that are gold plated. This means there is a layer of gold on the hook but it's so thin it can wear down over time and therefore I would say these are not that great for sensitive ears.

But most of my earrings are, and each product will say if it is sterling silver or gold-filled.

So those are my FAQs for now. I may add some more over time if I think of any so feel free to come back and check for updates.

Have a question I didn't answer? Feel free to contact me via the form on the About Me Page or email me at:

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