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An ExctingUpdate: Levelling Up

So as you may know or have noticed in my last Collection Starry Night I introduced the use of sterling silver design elements to some pieces. Last year I went down a research rabbit hole online and I watched and read about silver smithing and making silver jewellery. I found it so fascinating and I wanted to give it a try. So I came up with some simple design elements for my collection and self-taught how to make them effectively. I really loved learning and working with Silver. And my customers also really liked the pieces that included the silver. This gave me the confidence to want to carry on and expand my use and knowledge.


So fast forward to January this year. I have signed up to complete a silver jewellery-making qualification with the view to carrying on to the complete the next level as well. I have done a few weeks now and it is so fun and I have learnt lots. I can't wait to use some of the techniques I have learned for my collections.

What Does this Mean for Abby's Art Atelier?

So I will be introducing small elements for fine silver elements into my future collections, gradually adding more as I go. That being said I LOVE polmyer clay and I don't want to say goodbye to that, I just think it will be beautiful to have silver elements complement the colourful designs I create will polymer clay and resin.

Follow Along with My Journey

If you want to see what I get up with my class and learn about making silver pieces follow me on Instagram where I will be sharing updates on my stories.

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