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It's A Barbie World

With the new Barbie Movie realise just around the corner the world (and yes me too) have gone a bit Barbie mad. The 90s and 00s nostalgia and the cute pink outfits what's not to go mad for?

So I thought as a fun little post we should have a look at what pieces from my latest collection would make the perfect addition to any Barbie theme outfit.

Look 1 Bright Pink:

If you want to go for a bright pink Barbie; like this stunning cowgirl-style outfit here.

My hot pink circle earrings are perfect for this bold and bright like the Barbie outfit. Or these pink sparkles like the cuffs of her trousers.

Barbie in hot pink outfit- with polymer clay hot pink earrings and pink sparkles resin earrings

Look 2: Ligh Pink Gingham

Light pink a Barbie classic. In this example, she is wearing a lovely gingham dress. So my polymer clay earrings, pink screen print earrings are perfect for this example, as they have a gingham effect. Or a cute pink pair with heart embossing.

Barbie in Gingham dress, with polymer clay heart earrings and pastel pink polymer clay earrings with embossed hearts.

Look 3: Sparkles

Finally Sparkles! It wouldn't be Abby's Art Atelier or Barbie without sparkles! My Examples are these double hearts with silver sparkles leaf or the diamond-shaped version.

Barbie in sparkle outfits. With polymer clay double heart earrings and circle diamond shaped earrings with silver leaf crackle.

So that's it! Some examples of my pieces to incorporate into your Barbie outfits! I am so excited to see this film now with all these fabulous outfits to enjoy!

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