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How to Style Statement Jewellery

Updated: Apr 12, 2023

I make some big statement pieces. But how do you style them? Do you love a statement piece but are afraid to? Fear, not this little blog post will help and give inspiration around styling statement pieces for all occasions.

Day Outfit:

So here is a day outfit for your casual running errands and whatever you do in a day. A simple black tee this one is cropped but doesn't need to be, with a pair of light wash Mom jeans. So for this, I have paired it with a statement necklace with a bold and sparkly print. With this, I have added a simple and understated matching earring to keep it daytime. Then to finish off a pair of block heels or white Converse. Depending on what your day has in store! I think this is a really fun way to rock a statement necklace. It keeps the focus on the necklace with the understated outfit and also isn't too over top.


For the evening look if you want to style statement jewellery. I would pull out your little back dress. And then deiced on a colour pop. For this, I have chosen purple. Purple heels with a statement necklace. Unlike the day outfit, I think a statement earring is also in order. Hair up and a beautiful and bold earring. Here any of the earring or necklace combinations could work to make a fabulous outfit.

I hoped this helped and gives you a little inspiration! But at the end of the day, there are no rules or rights or wrongs. Jewellery is to be enjoyed and you can wear it however and whenever you want! You do you.

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