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Bridgerton- Jewellrey

Updated: Apr 12, 2023

I loved watching the Bridgerton series. I rewatched it more times than I care to admit. But I can use the accuse that it's a fun fasit of Autism. Anyway... On the I don't know 3rd? time of watching it I was just completely taken with all the beautiful fashion. The dresses and all their detail. I love fashion and dresses and I loved to study them while watching. The next time I watched it my attention turned to the jewellery. I was just in love with the amount of detail but yet to do dainty and elegant.

So this made me think. How accurate is the reference to the jewellery? So I wanted to have a little look at the Victoria and Albert online archive to compare jewellery from around that time. This is what I found!

This one I couldn't believe this because other than the drop pendant these necklaces are incredibly similar to the flower design in the stones. It's also and very pretty piece elegant and sophisticated but the flowers make it playful and fun too.

These have obvious differences but the two lines of diamonds with details and drops between are very similar. The matching earrings from the V&A archive have a similar stud but the drop is more toned down and more modern in the Bridegton version.

The other pair of earrings I pulled from the V&A archive I actually thought had a similar style to the Daphne Hairpin.

I love the necklace in this shot. The ones I found in the collections; the top one is very similar and the bottom one is different with the style of the necklace but closer to the colour. I do think the necklace, in this case, has been inspired by ones like the from the V&A archive but they have made it a bit more modern but adding a bit of colour to matching the dress in this example.

Lastly, this image features Lady Danbury. I couldn't find anything that was similar to her jewellery. The earrings I did find which I feel a similar aesthetics overall but the style is quite different. I do feel in this case the jewellery does have a rather modern feel to it.

Final Thoughts, Observations and Conclusion:

In conclusion, I feel the jewellery in Bridgerton has been very accurate and they use creative lisece to make it work for the characters by adding a bit of a modern take on the designs.

Overall though this is a fun programme with a great story and the historical accuracy although interesting doesn't really matter. And finally, I am not an expert I just did some basic research and comparisons, so do tell me if you think I am wrong or have any thoughts on this in the comment section.

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