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2022 What a Year

Updated: May 26, 2023

I can't believe 2022 has been and gone. It is officially 2023! So I thought I would reflect on the year that's passed in a quick little post.

This year was my best yet. I started this blog, I did around 40 markets and 3 Pop-Ups. Including two with the Pop-Up Club which was a big goal for me this year.

Last year like every year I write down some goals and when I wrote to do a Pop-UIp with The Pop-Up Club I wasn't sure it was achievable looking back now I am so happy and grateful I achieved that.

I also launched two collection Ice Cream Sundae and Winter Wonderland which I think are my best yet and that was backed up by you guys when it flew off the shelves. I was also able to invest a little more into sterling silver elements which were so amazing too.

It hasn't been plain sailing but it has been an adventure!

This year I have an amazing collection idea and I have been sketching and noting ideas of what I want to try and do so keep your eyes peeled for that one. I will also be keeping slowly but surely adding sterling silver elements too. I will also be doing plenty of markets and fingers crossed for some Pop Ups too. Keep an eye on the Events Page to keep up to date with where I will be.

Finally next year I want to continue my improve how green my business is in the way I make and send my products with lots of research and small changes and you can keep an eye out for that on my Sustianlity and Ethics page and also here on my blog too.

So to finish off I wanted to say thank you for being here and for your support, whether that is buying from me, saying hi at a market, reading this blog, or following me on social media like a post there it all really helps so thank you!

A little photo round up of 2022
A little photo round up of 2022

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