Card Gallery

I have many skills and techniques I can use to create a custom card:


Paper quilled science lab

  • Embossing- Hand, Heat and Folders

  • Paper Quilling

  • Card Embroidery 

  • Decoupage 

  • Paper craft

  • Hand Drawing

  • Water colour painting

I can make cards for all occasions:

I know the environment is an important aspect I use a lot of recycled materials and I am a very careful with my resources never to waste paper. If you would like a card made with 100% recycled materials I am happy to do so!

Art Gallery

I am a self taught artist I have learnt skills through my fashion degree and card making and have combined and built on them to create beautiful paints and mixed media artworks

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I have a shop of Folksy which has some of my products on there if you feel better buying from a more well-known site though it would be appreciated if you bought from here as I won't have to pay a commission if you buy here, it is totally up to you.

Find me on Pedddel; I have a virtual stall on Pedddel, you can have a look at a snap soot of my business and find loads of other amazing independent makers and as well as find markets to visit!

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