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A simple and beautiful pair of earrings with a diamond shape with a circle stud.  The rings connecting the stud and the diamond are also sterling silver.  There are three colour options. 

The first is the pastel pink with a crackly silver leaf on top which is protected under UV resin which gives it a shiny glossy finish. And a mat pink circle on top. 

The second is in light pink with a subtle heart embossing pattern. Third is a pastel yellow with a hint of shimmer and a heart imprint pattern and a mat yellow circle. and finally a stunning deep purple with the same heart imprint on the top and ,matching mat circle with gold filled connecting rings. The other three have sterling silver connecting rings and all have string silver studs.  With matching necklace options. 

Circle Stud with Diamond Shaped Drop Sterling Silver

Colour Options
  • Stirling Silver Stud

    Sterling Silver Connecting rings on both pink and yellow.

    Gold-filled on purple

    Circle: 0.9cm X 0.9cm

    Diamond: 1.8cm X 2.5cm 

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