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Winter Wonderland- 
The Inspiration 

For my latest collection Winter Wonderland, I wanted to take a more contemporary root for my Christmas Collection.

Last year I created the Shimmer and Sparkle Collection which was lots of beautiful but traditional Christmas feels. With lots of silver and gold colours. 

This year I went with blues and pastel purples for my main colour pallet, along with silver and a little gold for accent colours. 

I wanted this collection to feel very wintery and icy and snowy. To create these effects I used glitter and silver leaf and used marbling techniques. I also used a lot f the crackly techniques which create this interesting crackly effect created this lovely crackly ice effect and when covered in UV resin this really elevates the effect. 

For a snowy effect, I used resin mixed with pearly paint. It has a stunning subtle shimmer which I really love and think makes for a lovely snowy effect.

Finally, for this collection, I used some gems to add a little glamour and a touch of dazzle to some of the pieces. 

And of course, all the pieces are handmade and one of a kind.

Overall I really love this collection and I think it is the best yet. 

This is me talking you through some of the pieces in the
Winter Wonderland Collection 

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