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Starry Night collection comes in three colour options; blue sparkle, black with silver leaf and dark blue marble.

Blue sparkles are simple but dazzling using biodegradable glitter. The black has a crackly silver leaf effect top and finally, the blue marble is a beautiful selection, of blues and black to create a stunning night-time effect, using translucent clay so the light catches it beautifully. All three are protected under UV resin which gives it a glossy finish and protects the design.

These are polymer clay circle earrings with a hand-cut sterling silver overlay on top which I textured. And finished with a sterling silver hook and connecting rings. This pair of earrings comes in a gift box.


Circle with Sterling Silver Circle Overlay and Hook

Colour Options
  • Circle: 3cm X 3cm

    Sterling Silver Circle Overlay: 1.5cm X 1.5 cm

    Sterling Silver Hook

    Sterling Silver Connecting Rings

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