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A simple pair of earrings in 4 beautiful colour options. The first colour is a stunning deep purple with a crackle effect gold leaf on top. Protected under UV resin which gives it a shiny and glossy finish. 

The second is a lighter purple heart and a circle pattern on top.  The next two are pink a pastel pink with white spots and the second is a hot pink with a lighter pink spot. Each pair is slightly different the hot pink is fun and funky and the deep purple is simple and sophisticated. 

Each pair is finished with a sterling silver stud.


Hot Pink and Purple with Gold Leaf are Sold Out.

Circle Stud with Gold Plated Oval Drop

Colour Options
  • Sterling Silver Stud

    Circle: 1.8cm X 1.8cm

    Oval Drop: 1.8cm X 2.8cm

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