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Welcome to my blog and my first post. I'm Abby and I make handmade jewellery and run Abby's Art Atelier.

This isn't my first rodeo with blog writing. I have a Fashion Blog (fashion being my first love) called Fashion Crazy Me! and I had blogged about all things fashion for about ten years. My last post on their was about 3/4 weeks before the pandemic lock downs and I lost all motivation. I used to post about fashion exhibitions, outfits of the day, about trends and clothes I liked. But I wasn't going to exhibitions anymore, I lived in pyjama and I wasn't shopping. So I stopped and really I was starting to focus on Abby's Art Atelier.

But this is a new blog. I will be posting over at Fashion Crazy Me again soon as I feel more motivated, but this is a new blog about Abby's Art Atelier.

So what is Abby's Art Atelier?

Very simply I love making so I make jewellery using polymer clay and resin. All one of a kind. I love experimenting with techniques and mediums to create fabulous pieces.

I then sell them here on my website and also at events.

Why Start a Blog?

I miss writing down thoughts and I like writing about things that interest me and maybe others might find interesting or even helpful.

What's the Blog About?

Well the blog combines the two really. I will write about new techniques I am trying and experimenting with. I will write about events and pop up I am a part of, story times about me and the business and anything else that I am working on and think might be interesting to someone. I am always up for suggestions too.

So welcome, keep an eye out for some fun post in the future. I think the first one may be about screen printing but I guess will find out.

See you soon


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