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For the past couple of months, I have been working on a new collection. I in my chaotic brain have been planning this collection in my head since October. I get inspiration for a collection while I a finishing my last collection, so yes I have already got an idea for my next Christmas collection! But that is for another time.

No firm date yet but hopefully March my new collection is coming out. So this is a little post about the upcoming pieces!

The Name

My new collection is called: All you Need is Love.

The Inspiration

What inspired this collection? Nothing profound I could make something up about divine inspiration but really I had this mixed box of findings I used and all I had left were these cute little hearts. So that's where it started.

I would describe my new collection as playful elegance.

An illustration of hearts as part of my All you need is Love Collection.

Colour Pallet and Patterns

My colour pallet this time is back to my routes of pastel yellows and pinks but with pops of darker pinks and purples. And of course plenty of glitter!

I have created a simple but fun screen print ( yes I perfected the screen printing processes if you read my previous blog!) of hearts, and then there are some spot-like prints and also using clay on top to create a heart print too, as well as some crackly type patterns too.

A sneak peek of the upcoming collection All You Need is Love.

Changes are coming...

Usually, my collection of all my pieces is one of a kind. This time I am doing a limited edition. I will be created fewer styles and there will be between 3-6 of each piece with the option of restocking a few of the favourites but there won't be loads of any of them.

Another change is improving the materials I use. So most of my studs and all silver hooks in the Winter Wonderland Collection were sterling silver. In this collection, all studs are sterling silver, and all hooks will be either sterling silver or gold filled, so unless you have a gold allergy all my earring findings are hypoallergenic. All of the silver-coloured necklace chains will also be sterling silver as well as the rings and clasps too. Gold colour necklaces will still be the same as will the bezels I use too. Everything will be clearly labelled in the listings and of course, you can contact me with any questions.

So keep an eye out for my new collection coming soon I am so happy with how it is looking so far and I hope you will like it too!

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