Letter "A" Patchwork Appliqué Tote Bag

Letter "A" Patchwork Appliqué Tote Bag


This tote bag is handmade. I used scarp fabrics and used a crumb patchwork technique to create the textile and then I cut the "A" out of it.

I think it is so pretty and will be perfect for shopping. No need for any plastic bags!


It is made from calico recycled from toiles I have made from making clothes. The calico was washed and pressed before being sewed. This bag is made from recycled resources. This tote bag is made to last as I have used french seam inside for a neater finish, but will also last longer.


The size is 45cmX37cm

The Strap is 63cm Long

If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact me!

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