Choose your Letter Patchwork Appliqué Tote Bag

Choose your Letter Patchwork Appliqué Tote Bag


I can make any letter you want. I will use scraps of fabrics to create a crumb patchwork piece and  then  I will cut the letter out of the textile.

I think it is so pretty and will be perfect for shopping. No need for any plastic bags!


It will be made from calico recycled from toiles I have made from making clothes. The calico was washed and pressed before being sewed. This bag is made from recycled resources. This tote bag is made to last as I have used french seam inside for a neater finish, but will also last longer.

I will need 2-3 days to make the bag but I will make it top priority when the order comes in!

The size will be aproxamently 45cmX37cm

The Strap will be approximately 63cm Long

If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact me!

Choose your Letter

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