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Gold-Filled- What is it?

Updated: May 9, 2023

I have started to use a lot more gold-filled elements in designs that call for it. This gives pieces a higher-quality finish and is better for people with metal allergies (unless the allergy is to gold).

But it occurs to me that not everyone may know what gold-filled means. So let's explore that.

Goldplated Vs Gold-filled Vs Gold - What are the differences?

So all of my non-gold-filled pieces are gold-plated. Gold-plated is when the metal of choice is covered in a very thin layer of gold. So all of my non-gold-filled pieces are gold-plated. So the layer of authentic gold is very thin and can be easily scratched off revealing the metal underneath, that's why it isn't of higher quality and isn't good for people with sensitive ears and tarnish over time.

Goldfilled is what I am using in my current collection; All You Need is Love for any earring hooks and hoops and connecting rings and will hopefully expand to chain in the next collection too. So if gold-plated is a very thin layer of gold filled is a very thick layer and has gold value. The quality is higher than gold-plated too. The way the gold is bonded to the brass core and the thickness means it is very long-lasting and will not tarnish unless exposed to a lot of sulfides so this is very rare. The way the gold is bonded is different too. The gold-plated is done by using Electroplating, where as gold-filled is done by using heat and pressure to cover the brass.

This is solid gold as it sounds there is no alloy or brass covering it is 100% gold all the way through.

Below is a diagram I have draw to show you a viaully of what I am saying above.

A simple diagram showing the difference between gold, gold-plated and gold-filled.

I hope that makes sense, and feel free to leave any questions in the comments or to send me an email.

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