Book a Commission

Want a beautiful and handmade item unique to you? I will happily design and make jewellery pieces for your earrings and or necklace.

Commissions the cost of the jewellery, and will be done on the time it takes too. All of which will be dependant on what it requested. 

Give me the details of what it is you would like me to create and I will get back to you with a quote based on the time and resources required. I will ask for a deposit of 50% as a down payment. 

Book a free online consultation where we can discuss what is it is you are looking for, via email or skype.
I am happy to work with you on a design or I will design it myself and show you a rough sketch. 


Want any ideas of what I can do? Check out my shops to see what I can do!


Book a Commisson